Wednesdays at 1 PM until 2 PM

DateTitle/DescriptionSponsorPicturesPresentation Slides/VideoVideo of Presentation
11/14/2018Nautical Newburyport and the Coast GuardThe Greater Newburyport Village
10/17/2018The Life and Times of Abraham LincolnThe Greater Newburyport Village
7/18/2018101 Days Across America – The Joys Of Retirement CampingThe Greater Newburyport Village
6/20/2018Twenty-Five Years: Greater Newburyport/Bura (Kenya) AllianceThe Greater Newburyport Village

Greater Newburyport Bura Alliance Tree Planting

5/30/2018Cutting Massage Chiropractic

Cutting Massage Chiropractic

Alzheimers/DementiaVisiting Angels of Newburyport

Jonathan Jackson, Ph.D. Alzihimer's/Dimentia Talk

Understanding the Human Brain Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia
5/16/2018Newburyport In World War II: A Documentary (two hours)Greater Newburyport Village
5/9/2018Flower Arranging
  • Full House for this Community Day!
4/25/2018101 Learn How To Use Essential Oils to Enhance a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Essential Oils, Audience
To Be Supplied
4/18/2018Service Dogs and How They Affect The World In So Many WaysGreater Newburyport Village
  • Mary Kelly's Mother with Great Dane Service Dog
Service Dogs Talk Recording