Stay Fit

Be Informed


Senior/Community Center


Physical Fitness

Tai Chi, Exercise to Music, Zumba Gold, Ballet/Tap Dance Yoga, Qigong, Gentle Fitness, Workout Room

Social & Creative

Craft Group, German Talk Group, Drop-in painting, Coffee Talk, French Group, Abstract Art, Ping Pong, Coloring & Crafts, Oil Painting

Health & Wellness

Reiki, Massage Therapy, Parkinson’s Group, Meditation, Health Insurance Counseling, Health & Blood Pressure Checks, Foot Care, Hearing Checks, Community Lunch, Dental Hygienist


Bridge, Cribbage +45s, Bingo, Chess Club, Mahjong, Ping Pong, Scrabble, Pool

On-Site Outside Activities

Bocce, Gardening, Annual Picnic


SHINE, Financial Planning Seminars, Tax Assistance, N.E.E.T, Computer Lab, Elder Law

Transportation Program

Two vans provide transportation to senior citizens and disabled non-elders



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General Information

Newburyport Council on Aging frequently has information in a newsletter that is not specific to the month of the newsletter.  The following information is presented so that valuable information can be easily found after being initially published.


Stericycle‘s Seal & Send is an all in one DEA-approved solution for safely disposing of unused prescription drugs. The Seal & Send bags are available at the Newburyport Senior/Community Center. Seal & Send bags are safe and are postage-paid. The pharmaceuticals may be in their original containers when placed in the Seal & Send bag.

Using Seal & Send is a simple, three-step process:

  1. Fill the bag
  2. Seal it
  3. Drop the postage-paid envelope in a U.S. Postal Service mailbox for assured destruction(includes shipping, disposal, and tracking)



 Help is available in the Computer Lab at the Senior/Community Center on Wednesdays from 9-3. The computer tutors are Susan Vesey and Andy Griffith. Andy is in the lab from 9 until Noon.  Susan is available from Noon until 3 PM.  They are both very patient and very knowledgeable. Come take advantage of the valuable service they offer.


You can view lifelong learning opportunities/ideas can be viewed by clicking here.